Lecciones y Ensayos

Lecciones y Ensayos

Lecciones y Ensayos is a law review directed by students and it is under the authority of the Department of Publications of the Buenos Aires Law School. Since its foundation in 1956, Lecciones y Ensayos has played the role of editorial forum of professors and students, with academic excellence as the only requirement.

Lecciones y Ensayos is committed to creating alternative spaces where professors and students can participate, exchange their ideas and concerns on legal topics of great interest due to their current significance and impact, not only on the academic field, but also on society as a whole.


ISSN (printed): 0024-0079.
ISSN (electronic): 2362-4620.

Index of the last number

Main activities

  • Publish papers made by professors and students of the Law School.
  • Promote scientific research, critical thinking and open and responsible debate.
  • Allow students’ participation in a new and different academic activity.
  • Allow the development of activities different from the editorial work, including conferences, competitions and meetings.

Journal’s structure

Lessons: Papers made by the Law School professors, graduates or law scholars.

Essays: Papers made by students on any legal topic of academic interest.

Miscellaneous: Narratives, stories, considerations and other pieces of writings related to the legal field, either directly or indirectly.

University: This section includes novel issues with informative content. It is complemented by reviews about academic activities carried out within or outside the Law School and activities organized by this law review.

Interviews: This section includes interviews to outstanding figures of the legal world who share their life experiences as well as their opinions in connection with current controversial topics..

Comments on bibliography: Legal works, either classic or novel, are recommended with well-founded opinions and from a law student’s point of view.

Comments on case law: This section includes the analysis of recent or leading cases in our country, the explanation of certain topics and critical thinking regarding the scope of the ruling of each case.

Law and Literature: This new section involves an interdisciplinary approach, as it contains literary discussions which are closely related to the legal field.

I knew it: This section contains curious excerpts, often unknown or forgotten, which are taken from case law and jurisprudence, both national and foreign. It provides an alternative point of view about those engaged in the practice of law in Argentina and worldwide.

Dossier: Some of our editions include a chapter focused on any current legal issue. This section is intended for the participation of professors only.

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