English File Upper-intermediate book

8A Beat the robbers? and the burglars

- Grammar: the passive (all forms); it is said that?, he is thought to?, etc.; have something done

- Vocabulary: crime and punishment

- Pronunciation: the letter u

- Speaking: asking and answering questions about crime. Discussing what should / shouldn?t be ilegal

- Listening: interview with an ex burglar

- Reading: how not to get robbed in the Street. Crime online

8B Breaking news

- Grammar: reporting verbs

- Vocabulary: the media

- Pronunciation: Word stress

- Speaking: how you find out about news. Strange, but true. Discussing how news is produced

- Listening: Radio news. Jennifer Buhl interview. Song: News of the world

- Reading: 24 hours in Journalism

9A Truth and lies

- Grammar: clauses of contrast and purpose; whatever, whenever, etc

- Vocabulary: advertising, business

- Pronunciation: changing stress on nouns and verbs

- Speaking: Avertising and marketing. The economic situation in your country

- Listening: Radio programme about the tricks of advertising. Paul Feldman?s experiment Song: The Truth

- Reading: Four of the most misleading adverts of all time. What the Bagel Man Saw

9B Megacities

- Grammar: uncountable and plural nouns

- Vocabulary: Word building: prefixes and suffixes

- Pronunciation: Word stress with prefixes and suffixes

- Speaking: What is a ?megacty??. Cities or regions in your country. Asking and answering questions about where you would like to travel

- Listening: Interview with Miles Roddis

- Reading: Andrew Marr?s Megacities

10A The dark side of the moon

- Grammar: quantifiers: all, every, both, etc.

- Vocabulary: Science

- Pronunciation: stress in Word families

- Speaking: Scientific facts? or myths? Science questions

- Listening: Scientists discussing facts and myths

- Reading: Suffering scientists

10B The power of words

- Grammar: articles

- Vocabulary: collocation: Word pairs

- Pronunciation: pausing and sentence stress

- Speaking: Presentation experiences. Giving a presentation

- Listening: Disastrous presentations. Song: World

- Reading: Famous inspirational speeches