UNIT6: Animals


Ways animals are used or treated

Describing pets

Describing characters traits

Conversation Strategies:

Use I´ve heard to introduce a statement of popular opinion

Use For one thing to provide one reason among several in supporting an argument

Use Believe it or not to introduce surprising information

Discussion topics

The treatment of animals

The advantages and disadvantages of different pets

Animal characters in books, cartoons, TV programs, and movies

The value of animal conservation


The passive voice with modals

Grammar and pronunciation boosters

Grammar booster: Modals and modal-like expressions: summary  Pronunciation booster

Sound reduction

Listening tasks:

Rephrase descriptions

Determine the moral of a story

Identify character traits

Focus on details


The Chinese Zodiac

A discussion board about the humane treatment of animals 

An article about animal conversation


Express an opinion on animal treatment

Writing skill:


UNIT 7: Advertising and Consumers


Describing low prices and high prices

Shopping expressions

Ways to persuade

Conversation Strategies:

Soften a wish or a statement of intent with I think

Ask questions to narrow scope

Say Of course to make an affirmative answer stronger

Discussion topics

Appropriate pricing

Smart shopping

Reactions to ads

Advertising techniques

Compulsive shopping


Passive forms of gerunds and infinitives

Grammar and pronunciation boosters

Grammar booster:

    Grammar for writing:

Past forms of gerunds and infinitives: active and passive voice

    Pronunciation booster

Vowel sounds /i/ and /l/

Listening tasks:

Identify points of view

Rephrase what people are doing

Match advertising techniques to ads

Determine people´s attitudes


Interviews: reactions to ads

A presentation of eight advertising techniques

A magazine article about compulsive shopping

Writing: Explain an article you read

  Writing skill:

 Writing a summary

UNIT 8: Family trends


Examples of bad behaviour

Describing parent and teen behaviour

Word Skill: transforming verbs and adjectives into nouns

Conversation Strategies:

Use I hate to say, but to introduce unwelcome information

Respond with I suppose to indicate partial agreement

Use But to introduce a dissenting opinion

Discussion topics

Conflicts in relationships

Birth rates and life expectancy

Parent-teen issues

Changing family demographics

Generational issues and concerns

Current family trends

Care for the eldery


Repeated comparatives and double comparatives

Grammar and pronunciation boosters

    Grammar booster:

Making comparisons: summary

Other uses of comparatives, superlatives and comparisons with

    Pronunciation booster

Stress placement: prefixes and suffixes

Listening tasks:

Summarize demographic information

Rephrase people´s points of view

Focus on details

Classify information to compare two generations

Apply logic to information


A brochure about falling birth rates

A newspaper article about China´s elderly population

Case studies: aging parents


Describe your relationship with a family member

 Writing skill

Avoiding comma splices and run-on sentences  

UNIT 9: History´s Mysteries


Ways to say "I don´t know"

Ways to express certainty

Word Skill: using adjectives with the suffix    -able

Conversation Strategies:

Use Well to introduce an encouraging statement

Say You´re probably right to acknowledge another´s encouragement

Ask a question with Why else to confirm one´s own opinion

Discussion topics

Theories that best explain mysteries

The credibility of stories

Trustworthy news sources


Indirect speech with modals

Perfect modals in the passive voice for speculating about the past

Grammar and pronunciation boosters

Grammar booster:

Reporting verbs say, ask and tell: summary

Grammar for writing: other reporting verbs 

Pronunciation booster

Reduction and linking in perfect modals in the passive voice

Listening tasks:

Summarize main ideas

Identify information that supports an argument

Infer what people mean


"The world´s easiest Quiz"

Descriptions of bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Bermuda Triangle

Encyclopedia entries about well-known mysteries

A magazine article about the world´s greatest hoaxes


Write a news article

 Writing skill:

 Avoiding sentence fragments

UNIT 10: Your free time


Ways to express fear and fearlessness

Word Skill: using collocations for leisure activities

Word Skill: modyfing with adverbs

Conversation Strategies:

Use kind of to soften an assertion

Use I hate to say this, but to excuse oneself for disagreeing

Use Well, even so to acknowledge someone´s point but disagree politely

Discussion topics

The benefits of leisure activities

Hobbies and interests

Your use of leisure time

Extreme sports

Risk-taking vs. Risk-avoidance


Order of modifiers

Grammar and pronunciation boosters

Grammar booster:


Adverbs of manner

Pronunciation booster


Statics comparing technological promises vs.reality

Case studies: stresssful situations

Message-board posts about unusual hobbies

A magazine technology and leisure time


Comment on another´s point of view

 Writing skill:

 Expressing and supporting your opinion