* Nivel de ingles requerido: B1-B1

This summer course is aimed at reinforcing technical vocabulary in different fields of the law. Attendants must be able to express themselves orally in English and must have upper-intermediate written skills.

The activities to be developed are focused on comprehension and handling of legal terminology related to different fields of the law. There will be a theoretical and practical approach to each topic allowing the attendants an active participation. 

Analysis of documents will be one of the central activities of the course. Such analysis will include syntactic and semantic aspects as well as register and style of legal documents typical of the Common Law System. 

Courses will be given in English

Professor:  T.P. Rita Tineo


Principles of Legal Writing: 

Plain English for lawyers. Guidelines. Simplification of legal language. 

Structure and words. Grammatical structures to avoid. 

Legal affectations and other nasty habits.

Guide to effective writing 

Document Design

Legal drafting:  Court documents Vs client documents. 

Revisiting legal texts into Plain English.

Plain language vocabulary. 

Rules of legal interpretation 

British and European  regulations

American Regulations.

The Securities and Exchange Commission Drafting Rules