Corporate law theory and Documents  in Plain Language

Different Kinds of Business Structures:

Introduction to Corportations: concept, kinds, incorporation process, management, auditing, dissolution, winding up, liquidation, consolidation and merger. Reorganization and liquidation 

Securities: Debt and Equity Securities. Bonds, debentures, preferred and common stock, warrants, put and call options. Stock Exchange. Investments. Securities Markets (Wall Street, American Exchange, OTC (over the counter markets) NASDAQ.

Wall Street Language. The Securities and Exchange Commission.

Partnerships and Limited Partnerships: concept. Agreements to create a Partnership. Termination. 

LLCs agreements. Characteristics of Limited Liability companies. Registration process. Dissolution.


Documents in Plain English to be analyzed include: certificate of incorporation, by-laws, Articles of agreement. Agreements to purchase/subscribe shares of stock. LLC agreements.


This course is aimed at providing the theoretical background necessary to understand the basic concepts outlined within the American system. It shall also provide the terminology currently used in documents and bibliography with which the student may be faced if investigating those subjects. Through the revision of basic concepts, the students are going to be encouraged to make a comparison - whenever possible - with the Argentine law system. It will provide a wide range of specific vocabulary which the student may find useful to work with. This course is aimed at students who are deeply interested in commercial and corporate as well as financial and banking subjects.