INGLÉS JURÍDICO - Civil Procedure Basics


* Nivel de ingles requerido: B1-B1

This two-month term course will be devoted to the development of technical vocabulary and comprehension of the Anglo-American Law System using the standards of Plain Language for Lawyers


Common Law System. Equity. The Writ System. The Court System: Federal courts and state courts. Jurisdiction. Venue.(US and UK)

Jurisdiction of the Federal and State Courts. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.


How a civil case starts: Pleadings (Complaint, answer, counterclaim, reply). Service of Summons and Complaint (notice, publication). Motions and Affirmative Defenses. Pretrial Proceedings. Examinations before trial. Trial. Impaneling of a jury. Opening arguments of the parties. Motions during the trial. Verdict. Judgment.

Each procedural step will be illustrated by a document in plain language. The document will be discussed in class.