Visiting Researchers Program

Versión en español | Spanish language

This program allows external researchers (whether foreign or Argentinean) to perform a research stage at the University of Buenos Aires Law School, in accordance with Resolution (CD) 895/11 (click to see the .pdf file in Spanish).

Those researchers who are admitted to the Program will be officially accredited in a resolution from the Dean as “visiting researchers of UBA Law School”.

UBA Law School will provide the visiting researchers with equivalent access to the library resources as UBA Law School researchers, except for the Virtual Library.

Deadlines for handling the application

  • Third monday of april, for the second term of the year (July-December).
  • Third monday of october, for the first term of the year (January-June).


  • The research stage must last at least three weeks, and
  • The researcher must not be a professor or a student at the University of Buenos Aires, nor a member of any research institute of UBA.
  • He/she must comply with any of the following:
    • Being a university professor, with a position equivalent to “profesor titular” or “profesor adjunto” at UBA Law School; or
    • Having completed a Ph.D., or equivalent; or
    • Being a doctoral researcher.

Documentation to handle

(either in person, or by email, to

  • A brief summary of the work to be developed during the research stage, including a plan of activities;
  • A curriculum vitae or resumé of the candidate;
  • Up to two recommendation letters, with references. If possible, one of them should be from a UBA Law School professor.

Procedure after the application

  • The Research Office of UBA Law School, along with the authorities of the Legal and Social Research Institute “Ambrosio L. Gioja”, will review the applications and notify the admitted candidates.
  • Researchers shall be admitted as “Visiting researchers of the UBA Law School” through a Resolution emanated from the Dean. That Resolution will include, in an appendix, the work the researcher plans to develop during the stage.

During the stage

  • The Law School may ask the researcher to give a lecture regarding the topic of his studies.
  • Having ended the corresponding period, the researcher must present at the Research Office of UBA Law School a brief report of the work developed and –if needed– a certification of his/hers migratory situation. Having complied with these requisites, he/she will be awarded a final certificate.