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UBACyT research projects

The UBACyT research projects are financed and accredited by the University of Buenos Aires. A call for projects where professors from all Schools can present research proposals is held annually. Those proposals are evaluated by the Consultant Technical Commissions (composed of other professors), and finally, the Superior Council of the University selects the projects which will be accredited. In this page you will find information regarding the projects based in the Law School.

Current research projects

Director - Codirectorthtd> Title Beggining End
Virginia Abelenda Extra-commerciality, common use, and administrative and process tools for access and protection of water in Roman sources. Contributions to its development in Argentine law 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Gonzalo Sebastián Aguirre Towards a Philosophical History of the Doctrine of Judgment and Interpretation: Developing a Legal-Political Framework for the Analysis of the Crisis of Humanism 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Rebeca Anijovich - Graciela Laura Cappelletti Critical incidents analysis in training teachers in Law sciences 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Nancy Susana Cardinaux - Ma. Laura Clérico Judges formation: profiles and relevancy in relation to a model of equalitarian society 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Luis Fernando Castillo Argañarás Earth Observation Technologies, Space Information Cycle and International Cooperation. Argentine Space Programme in coparative perspective. International Juridical Aspects 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Silvina Sandra González Napolitano The responsibility of State for violation of human rights: its special features in face of general international law 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Laura Noemí Lora New sociological legal approches thinking chilhood 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
María Susana Najurieta International jurisdictional cooperation as a guarantee of children’s rights to stability of their adoptive filiations and the continuous exercise of personal relationships with both parents 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Laura Cecilia Pautassi - Gustavo Gamallo Social public policies, rights approach and social marginalization (2003-2009) 01/07/2010 30/06/2012
Jorge Bercholc A qualitative and quantitative study compared between the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina, Germany, Canada and Spain through the judicial review performance 01/07/2010 30/06/2013
Aurora Besalú Parkinson Climate change: legal scenarios and political and legal challenges in Argentina 01/07/2010 30/06/2013
Carlos María Cárcova Drift of sense and the boundaries of the judicial interpretation 01/07/2010 30/06/2013
Sara Lidia Feldstein The applicable law in the matter of electronic contracts with consumers: bases for the legislative harmonization in the MERCOSUR 01/07/2010 30/06/2013
Cecilia Grosman - Marisa Herrera Senior citizens and the family relationships. Social normative aspects 01/07/2010 30/06/2013
Marcelo Alegre - Roberto Gargarella Theory and practice of the principle of autonomy of Article 19 of the Constitution 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Carolina Anello - Eugenia Carla Contarini Conflicting Personalities: Contributions for a (De)construction of the Notion of 'Subject' in International Law 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Gabriel Ignacio Anitua - Daniel Rafecas The judgement of crimes of lese humanity of the last military dictatorship in Argentina. Analysis and contributions from criminology and the sciences of law 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Mary Ana Beloff Criminal justice before the crimes attributed to persons with less than 16 years of age 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Mario Silvio Gerlero Sociology of law and sexual rights: background, possibilities, achievements and challenges of Law 26.618 as human rights´ overcoming policy 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Marisa Herrera Towards a regulation of assisted human reproduction from the social-legal perspective, Bioethics and Human Rights 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
Luciana Beatriz Scotti Legislative basis for the urgent processing of the orders of children’ international restitution 01/07/2011 30/06/2013
David Baigún Analysis and study of the relationship between corruption and crime bank 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Griselda Delia Capaldo Sustainability and Governance of water and ecosystems. Analysis of its Management in MERCOSUR and Colombia 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Marcos Mauricio Córdoba - Esther Haydee Silvia Ferrer Investigation to discuss and define rules and principles governing agreements or unions to share life 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Carlos María Correa Patentability requirements: legal options and impact on public health 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Raúl Aníbal Etcheverry Legal systems in business enterprises to participate in the state of Argentina. Comparative study with the mixed economy companies in Brazil 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Jorge Atilio Franza -Mario Francisco Valls Hierarchical relationship between Environmental Base-lines Acts and Mining Code of the Nation 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Lidia María Rosa Garrido Cordobera The “exception of the progress of science” and the principles of caution and responsibility and effective protection of consumers through education 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Ricardo Alberto Guibourg - Mario Eduardo Ackerman Analysis of legal criteria: towards a formalized labour procedure 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Abelardo Levaggi Application of de Civil Code in the transition at the codificate Law period (1865-1875) 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Mario Justo López - Gerardo Scherlis Party Regulation and the Weaknesses of Democratic Regimes in Latin America 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Nelly Minyersky - Beatriz Rajland The sexual identities in family law. Social consciousness and legal legitimacy 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Tulio Eduardo Ortiz The Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires like area of formation of the leader Argentine class 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Eve Iris Rimoldi - Omar Alberto Alvarez The Processes of Integration and agriculture policies as a contribution to world food security 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Eugenio Raúl Zaffaroni Quality measure of pain during time done in prison 01/07/2011 30/06/2014
Dominga Teodora Zamudio - Maria Blanca Galimberti Legal regime of the exploitation and management of the genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge 01/07/2011 30/06/2014

Past research projects (in Spanish)